• Fees (for Residential inspections only)

    As with most things in life, we get lucky some times, but usually we get what we pay for. What you get for however much you pay, is a lot more important than how much you pay.

    You want to hire the most detailed, most thorough inspector you can afford. And there is an objective way to find out who that is.

    Ask every inspector you interview to email you an inspection report they wrote for somebody else, for a similar age and foundation type house as the one you want to buy.

    I am so confident that after you read one of my reports, and then a report by anybody else, it will become instantly crystal clear to you who you want to hire.

    The difference in level of detail between inspectors can be amazing and shocking. It can be night and day. There is nothing like a sample of someone's work to tell you what level of detail you can expect.

    My fee depends on the square footage of the house, its age, the type of foundation, if it has a swimming pool, among other factors.

    Sprinkler systems are included.

    Older homes, multi-building homes, or homes with uncommon features or equipment require more time and cost a little more.

    A fee of $250 will apply if you cancel an appointment with less than 24-hours notice, if at the time of the appointment I cannot perform the inspection due to the house being inaccessible or if conditions exist preventing an inspection, or if you wish to make an additional appointment due to utilities not being on or areas being inaccessible during the original inspection.

    Read what you can do before the inspection to avoid re-inspection fees.

    Pricing is fixed and subject to change at any time, without notice

    Call me at 214-532-2092 to discuss your inspection, give you a quote and make some plans.
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