• What to do before the inspection

    Here is what you, the buyer, should know and can do to ensure the biggest return for your money, and to avoid re-inspection fees for additional appointments.

    Most of the time, it is the seller's responsibility to have all utilities on, and all areas of the house accessible.

    It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm the following with the seller, either through the respective real estate agents, or directly:

    • The utilities and pilots are on. If it is wintertime, confirm that the house is not winterized. The inspector does not de-winterize houses.
    • Accessibility to all parts of the house, including the electrical boxes, crawlspaces, attics, electric outlets, furnace, A/C units, water heaters, crawlspaces, windows.
    • Dogs are either crated or off the property. Both the interior and the exterior of the house will be inspected, and all doors and gates will be operated.
    • All gates are unlocked or keys provided.

    Read our inspection agreement carefully, before the inspection.

    Call me to book my next available appointment as soon as your contract is executed. Don't wait until the last minute.

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